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OBJECTIVE: To work in a lively, fun and professional environment as graphic designer or production artist in print or web applications. Part-time or full-time, contract or staff.

INTRODUCTION: An experienced graphic designer with nearly 30 years of working in all aspects of print design and production as well as 4-1/2 years in web-based graphics, I've worked as staff and as a contractor in a variety of situations—from small studios, corporate in-house art departments to large ad agencies, and have a strong traditional background in graphic arts as well as 18 years of digital design and production. I'm an unusual designer in that I love to do my own production and am accomplished in most production environments.

I'm proficient in all of the latest graphics and file management software for print as well as many programs for web design and production. I am able and willing to take any project from start to finish and am very experienced—and a pleasure to work with, I'm told—in working with clients, creative directors or account staff. My first love is working in print and I know it like the back of my hand. My most recent passion is in designing and developing graphics for the web. I'm constantly learning and gaining experience in creating high impact and highly functional marketing pieces for my internet clients.

Aside from freelance work I've picked up in the South Bay over the last year, my most recent full-time job included 3-1/2 years as an art director in the marketing department of Providian Financial in San Francisco. Since leaving Providian, I've been freelancing online and onsite for a number of clients, both in San Jose and San Francisco. I live in San Jose and am available for staff or contract work in the South Bay area—full or part-time. Long distance assignments working from my home office available as well.

• Creative, client-pleasing, award-winning graphic design
• Creative direction of staff and freelance designers and production artists
• 18 years of design and production on a Mac platform.
• 13 years of “traditional” graphics: design, paste-up, layout, comps, typography, darkroom,

• Great communication with clients/co-workers
• Strong budget/deadline awareness
• Able to be calm and creative under outrageous deadline pressure
• Motivated towards personal, professional and creative growth
• Dedicated-hard-worker with strong sense of responsibility and accountability
• Able to focus efficiently and “get the job done”
• Fluent in many different design styles

• Graphic Design • Graphic Production • Art Direction • Web Design • Web Advertising

• Logo Design • Corporate Identity • Advertising • Corporate Collateral • Publishing • Direct Marketing
• Financial Marketing • Insurance • Health Care • Technology • Packaging • Retail Graphics
• Marketing Material • Print Collateral • Print Ads • Website Design • Web Advertising • Non-profit

• Design Web & Print • Layout Production • Web Animation • Web Graphics
• Typography • Digital Imaging • Photo Retouching • Color Correction • Prepress

• DreamWeaver • Photoshop • Illustrator • Indesign • QuarkXpress • PageMaker
• Freehand • FlightCheck • Microsoft Word • Flash • Fireworks • ImageReady

FREELANCE GRAPHIC DESIGN San Francisco and San Jose, CA 10/96-present
• Ariago | Contract web/print design and production
• The Haggin Group | Contract exclusively catalog design and production
• Deloitte Touche | Contract design and production
• Bechtel | Contract work on project proposal graphics
• Young & Rubicam | Contract advertising graphics
• Kane & Finkel | Contract work on medical graphics
• Many more assignments

PROVIDIAN FINANCIAL San Francisco, CA 7/98-1/2002
Art Director: Contracting for 2-1/2 years as production artist and art director before signing on as staff for another year. Worked primarily in corporate communications creating advertising, inhouse graphics, development of credit card art and related direct marketing materials. Worked with the web department in creating graphics for corporate website and related products.

ELEPHANT GRAPHICS San Francisco, CA 1/89-10/96
Senior Graphic Designer: Award-winning graphic design and creative direction on a wide variety of print projects including collateral, corporate ID, advertising, publication design, packaging and just about anything else that can be printed.
• Experienced in working directly with clients—from initial consultation to final delivery of each project. This includes meeting my clients deadlines, providing great design as well as down-to-earth, friendly, professional service—on time and on budget.
• More than 20 years experience working with related vendors such as printers and prepress production professionals—service bureaus, photographers, and illustrators.

BAY AREA TYPE & GRAPHICS San Mateo, CA 10/85-1/89
Graphic Designer
• Graphic design and production of print projects. Prepare design comps for paste-up and typesetting personnel. Customer service. Processing incoming projects, estimating and scheduling, coordinate and oversee work flow.
• Traditional skills: Producing clean and accurate comps and mechanicals; Excellent inking and type specification skills. Capable of working precisely; Familiar with paper types and uses; Traditional typesetting.
• Capable of working fast and accurately under deadline pressure; Creative, highly motivated and very conscientious of quality and accuracy; Working with professionals in related fields, i.e. typesetters, printers, color separators, designers.

OCEAN LITHOGRAPHICS San Francisco, CA 6/81-10/85 Graphic Designer
• Design, layout, typesetting and paste-up; Customer relations and sales. Oversaw production of each project from concept to completion.
• Responsible for all aspects of business including advertising, marketing, secretarial, stock and supply, bookkeeping, supervision and training of staff.

FREELANCE GRAPHIC DESIGN Half Moon Bay, CA/San Francisco, CA 10/75-1/89
• Worked as a sign artist and graphic designer on mostly small business projects.

QUARKXPRESS 6 14 years (almost daily) exper/design/layout/stylesheets/master pages/vector graphics. Expert level.

DREAMWEAVER 4 4 years of website design and development using Dreamweaver. Also using Javascript and HTML where needed in web page creation. Advanced level.

PHOTOSHOP 7 10 years exper/scanning/color correction: Intellihance 2.0/photo collage/special effects: Kai’s Power Tools and many other PS plugins, Gallery Effects/ layers/channels/vector graphics. Have in recent years used Photoshop for designing much of the print and web work that I do. Expert level.

IMAGEREADY 4 years using Imageready to prep art for web. animation, optimization, slicing etc. Would also use fireworks for the same purposes. Advanced level.

ILLUSTRATOR 10 6 years experience/logo design/special effects: KPT Vector Effects/layers/layout Adobe Streamline. Advanced level.

FREEHAND 8 3 years experience/logo design/layout. Intermediate level.

PAGEMAKER Off and on several years working in PageMaker.

OTHER SOFTWARE: Mac OSX, Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Interarchy and other FTP apps, Netscape, Internet Explorer, Colorize, Zipit, Typestyler, Suitcase, ATM, Norton’s Utilities, Flight Check, Painter, StuffIt Deluxe, MacTools Pro, OCR software, Mac OS X, Fireworks other Mac-based utilities. Familiar with Windows environment.

• Dynamic Graphics: Case History Competition 1996
• APEX/Award of Excellence: 1991/1992/1993/1995 (2)
• American Corporate Identity 9: Award of Excellence
• Northern California ADDY Awards: 1990/1991/1992 (2)/1994
• International Mercury Awards: 1993 (2)/1995
• Fox River Paper Co: Graphic Excellence 1988

• Juniper Networks • Virtual Silicon • Postini • Genentech • Ariago Design • TrendMicro
• Carinalli Vineyards • Providian Financial • Lifetapes Communications, Inc. • Sybervision
• Chevron • Bank of America • Wells Fargo • San Francisco Ballet • Fratelli Ruffatti of Italy
• Grundig, Inc. • Quartet Creative Services • Applied Graphics • Joseph Schmidt • SF/SPCA
• Robert Half International • Nortel • Academy Records • Planned Parenthood • US Courts
• California State Bar Assoc. • Dolby Laboratories • Hot & Spicy Foods • Viacom Cable
• Adventures Cross-Country • SF Focus Magazine • SF Police Department • Novell
• Franciscan Vineyards • Mark Hopkins • Hilton Hotels • Omni Hotels • Holiday Inn
• Marriott Hotels • Pacific Bell • Americana Records • Paul Kagan International, Inc.
• JLH Imports, Inc. • California Nurses Association

• Adecco Tad Technical • Visuals • MacTemps • Pacific Placement • Artisan

References provided upon request